Database Maintenance & Management

Selection Recruitment Solutions provides valuable database management services that organize and optimize your current databases to ensure profitable results. Our professional database management services include,

Building and expanding:
We thoroughly search the existing database for new data. To ensure smooth retrieval of information, we organize the database and code it suitably. Moreover, you can easily add information to an existing desk or build up an entirely new desk.

The “cleaning-up” process includes merging of duplicate entries, deleting inactive or erroneous records, updating the database with latest information, separating inactive candidates and/or companies, and creating e-mails or mailers using the company’s existing e-mail formats.

Daily updating:
You can send information pertaining to candidates to Selection Recruitment Solutions and correspond with our team of recruitment professionals daily via e-mail. Subsequently, our team analyses the forwarded information to schedule calls, update fresh activities of candidates and/or clients, and arrange candidate interviews.

Coding is a crucial process that uplifts the value to your existing database significantly. Based on your exact requirement, Selection Recruitment Solutions develops a coding plan to code existing / new companies and candidates efficiently. This process helps your recruitment team to execute the overall candidate search process effectively and in lesser time.

Bulk mailing:
Your project is identified and analyzed by our research team for planning optimum search strategies. Timely, affordable and qualified recruitment specialists working dedicatedly for your company enable you to build competitive capability faster and more effectively.